Load Rating of Racking/Shelving Units

A-D Engineering has often been called upon to determine the capacity of industrial racking/shelving units, as well as other types of structures/equipment/products in the Greater Toronto Area.

Reinforcement of Roof Structures

A-D Engineering is often retained to perform structural analysis of existing roof structures when new mechanical equipment is added to the roof. A-D Engineering will determine if the existing structure can support the weight of the new equipment and associated snow accumulation loads, producdesigns, drawings or reports for specified reinforcement if it is determined that the existing structure is inadequate.  

Ministry of Labour Inspections

A-D Engineering has conducted thorough inspections and prepared corresponding reports for arenas and other buildings occupied by the general public to satisfy the requirements of the Ministry of Labour. In these reports, A-D Engineering provides opinions on the general condition of the building and if any maintenance or repair work is required. 

Solar Panel Framing Systems

A-D Engineering has developed a variety of framing systems for roof or ground-mounted solar panels and prepared drawings for the framing.

Miscellaneous Structures

A-D Engineering is always looking to expand their portfolio of clients and projects. Contact us for more information and see how we can help with your project